The Cubans by Jay Seldin

THE CUBANS is a photo book about the people who live in a place where time stands still and change is just a word. It is about families and cultures and how they must learn to be creative to survive. The photographs in this book will captivate the viewer and expose them to how the Cuban people, who are extraordinary survivors, are living in the present with a future so uncertain. With ration books in hand, and a strong personal conviction, they feed, clothe and tend to their extended families with little help from outside sources.   

Praise for The Cubans:

“Jay Seldin’s multi-layered photographs of Cuba give an intimate view of everyday life on the island; they are both works of art but also a vicarious journey for the viewer. They reveal Cubans as they are, far beyond the clichés and poses.”

– Sergio Leyva Seiglie,
Social Documentary Photographer,
Havana, Cuba

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